Yesteryears Of Gambling- Ancient Egypt

As the globe keeps spinning, more gambling history is being unveiled daily. The beauty of Egypt remains as one of the most exquisite times in history. Ramses The Great was the most powerful pharaohs of ancient Egypt and his Wife Nefertari was one of the best-known queens to rule alongside Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

How Gambling Came In to The Picture

Gambling in Ancient Egypt was a daily routine and was a separate activity that was not included in the whole society’s daily tasks. It was discovered when performing religious rituals, and included throwing pebbles and sticks, to see if the outcome was even or odd. Normally, odd was a sign of something negative and even was the sign of something positive.

As the “ritual” grew more popular, the people of Egypt made the game more complex by introducing more patterns and objects. The amplifying of the rituals was to get more positive outcomes and responses from the Gods. People gambled at high stakes for prizes like better looking women.

What Has Been Pulled Out Of The Soil!

Dice cubes were discovered by many archaeologists in that part of the world, along with other tools that were used for the sole purpose of gambling. Different types of game boards such as a backgammon one was discovered in ancient Egypt. Senet being the ancestor of all board games.

Egyptian Themed Games

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