What Do Poker Players Do After They Retire?

Professional poker playing is considered to be a job. But like any other job in the world, there comes a time where you have to retire. Poker players commit so much time and energy into this part of the industry. The question is, what do they do when it’s time to play their final chips?



Retiring has become such a common word nowadays. Back in the day, the word only applied to people who stopped working at the age of 64. Or the people who were lucky enough to save up so they could quit work prematurely.

Now people can retire anytime. Poker players fall under the category of being able to potentially retire a lot earlier than most people. As it is considered to be a profession that spans generations, poker has provided players with sums of money that has made that possible. This means that players are becoming richer at a younger age and this allows early retirement.

Poker Players Choose To…

In this generation that we live in, poker players are starting to play the game at a younger age than before. The rise of online poker has allowed players to have access to poker at an earlier age.

In general, poker players make a swift return to the pro journey or they proceed to their alternative endeavours. Quite often they stick to their new career paths or they make sure it’s a success. The skills that they develop while playing poker, like: reading people, calculations of risk and benefit and decision-making, benefit them in their businesses.

Every poker player is different from each other. Some choose not to retire early and to pursue the career. Some stop but get lured back. And others know when their time at the table is up and turn the page. No two hands are ever the same, and that is the beauty of poker.

Players like Russ Hamilton, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer have not chosen that path yet and are still going strong in the poker industry.