Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

Most of you might have dreamt of being the winner of the lottery! Just imagine how that could bring a drastic change to your lifestyle, where you can simply have everything that you have ever desired. Did you know that surprisingly, there are thousands of winnings and prizes of lottery that go unclaimed each year?

Biggest Unclaimed Jackpot in the UK

Back in the 2012, a colossal amount of £64 million was not claimed by its mystery ticket holder in the UK! This has since been the largest unclaimed jackpot win for the popular EuroMillions draw.  This £64m worth ticket was purchased in the quiet area of Stevenage in North London. The search for the person sitting on top of this pot of gold had gripped the entire town of over 80,000 inhabitants, as well as people from the neighbouring smaller town known as Hitchin.

Repeated appeals in the hope of finding the lucky ticket holder were made by EuroMillions. At the old town market of Hitchin, billboard campaigns were run, and even a town crier was given the mission of wandering the streets to announce that the prize was still unclaimed. Eventually the deadline was passed and the money went to the National Lottery Good Causes. The mystery ticket holder has remained a ‘mystery’ up to now!

Second Record Lottery Jackpot in The World

A record unclaimed win of £480 million was revealed on the 30th March 2012 for the Mega Millions Jackpot in the U.S. This lottery prize was shared by three people. Two of the winners who were from Illinois and Maryland came forward to claim their prizes shortly after the results.

However, one mystery winner who is said to be in Kansas did not immediately get in touch with the officials of the lottery game. The winning ticket was the result of a random quick pick that was purchased in the little town called Red Bud, where the population is less than 4,000! Luckily, an anonymous person came forward to claim the prize. The person who won this amount only discovered he/she had won several days after the draw!

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