Poker Movies You Need To See

Poker has always interested the cinema industry. You will be surprised to know that it started in the late 1800s, when Alaska was purchased from Russia. It will be difficult to count how many films that contains at least a poker scene. This is because Poker is a good source of inspiration to develop all kind of complicated but exciting intrigues.

Film making has evolved ever since and are based off various concepts. Like Poker for instance, one of the most popular land based and online table casino games. Even though they love a great game play, punters sure love a great watch. There are loads of movies based off Poker, and they are yet to be listed.

Poker Movies

House Of Games

After one of her patient threatens to attempt suicide, Margaret confronts the source of his worries. House Of Games was produced by David Mamet in 1987. The movie features an uptight psychiatrist who learns that one of her patient’s in trouble because he owes money to a mobster. She then decides to help him. She soon finds herself playing a game of poker, which will decide the fate of her patient.

Honeymoon In Vegas

Jack and Betsy head off to Las Vegas for their wedding and some fun. After losing $65,000 to a con man, professional gambler, Tommy, then notices Betsy and her striking resemblance to his late wife. He offers the couple a game of poker and they agree. Here Jack makes a great loss and owes Tommy $65,000! He agrees to erase the debt if Jack agrees to let him spend the weekend with Betsy. You will be amazed to see Jessica Parker, best known as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, acting as Betsy in this perfect comedy film for a Saturday evening.


This film has an excellent story and stars Sylvester Stallone, Melanie Griffith and Jamie Fox amongst to name a few. Vernon is a young mechanic and a great poker player. A team has recruited him to help them cheat in a high stake private poker game. Soon it becomes clear to Vernon as to who is being cheated. Vernon now has to face “The Dean.” Vernon and the team strike a deal with Larry Jennings to take part in the game. Who’s going to beat the stakes?

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