NetEnt and VE Global Take A Big Step

NetEnt AB, the leading digital entertainment company and VE a marketing technology business have partnered to offer media buying services to casino operators all over the world. The largest data collaboration in the iGaming sector, Gaming Innovation Group Inc has been confirmed as the first customer to benefit from the technology.

Why Are They Merging?

The partnership will reduce player acquisition cost and improve retention for online gaming companies worldwide. This will be possible by creating a media buying platform that offers access to a targeted audience and behavioural insights.

How Will It Work?

The partnership will use Ve’s propriety Demand Side Platform, which has been developed in-house for media transparency and to reduce the costs built into third party platforms. By paring up Ve’s DSP and NetEnt’s insights, this service will give gaming operators more control over their campaigns and the ability to optimise their ads for maximum impact.

Beta clients will be on board towards the end on 2017 starting with the Gaming Innovation Group. The official launch will only take place early next year. Both NetEnt and Ve have reinforced their commitment to protecting and respecting the privacy of those using their technology with applicable regulations.