Moon Games Rewards!

You already know how great Moon Games is – we reward players like no other casino site online! But in case you’re not familiar with all of Moon Games fantastic bonus features, we’ll outline them for you here:


Moving up Player Levels & VIP Levels – as you move up a player level on MoonGames, you’ll get more rewards, from bigger bonuses and monthly cash back to free spins on the bonus wheel (for up to 1000% bonuses!) Everyone who registers at Moon Games is a star player (no pun intended), and as you top up your account you will move up levels,  eventually becoming a Moon Games VIP player gaining access to exclusive bonuses, special tourneys and the Galaxy Gift Shop. Why settle for being a star when you could be a Super Nova?


Earning Chips –  For every £10 you wager, you earn 1 free chip. Chips are a kind of game currency that you earn just for playing your favourite casino, slots, and instant win games.  The more chips you earn the more bonus money you’ll have, which you can use to keep playing your favourite games!


Reward Booster –  Moon Games loves rewarding players who play. That’s what the Reward Booster is all about – it’s a handy little gauge which fills up as you play slots, casino, and instant win games, and once it’s full you can click on it to claim your free bonus, surprise game, free spin on the wheel or another fun surprise.


Bonus Wheel – Every time your account reaches £100, you get a free spin on the bonus wheel for guaranteed bonuses – up to 1,000%, to be exact. You can use your bonus immediately or save it for later, the choice is yours! And if you’re a Moon Games VIP player, you may get free spins on the bonus wheel at random, too. That’s just another way we love to surprise pamper our players!


The Galaxy Gift Shop –  Open only to VIP players (Cosmic, Galactic and Super Nova players) the Galaxy Gift Shop is the place you go to buy luxury gifts, extra chips and more. You’ll earn 1 star for every £75 deposited, and you can use your stars to buy the fabulous goods you see in the gift shop!

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