It’s a Keno Knockout this Weekend at Moon Games!

This weekend’s battle: Captain Keno VS Cappuccino Keno – it’s a Keno Knockout! Play both games all weekend at Moon Games to find out which is your favourite online keno game.  
Once you’ve chosen, let us know on Facebook to win £7 FREE bonus cash! All you have to do is ‘like’ our Moon Games page and leave a comment with your game of choice as well as your alias. 3 lucky players who choose the winning game will win! Click here to visit Moon Games on Facebook now.  
Cappuccino Keno has some incredible graphics and high cash prizes. It’s a bingo-style game with an 80 number grid. It’s an instant game, guaranteeing loads of fun. If you’re a coffee addict, this is definitely the game for you! You’ll enjoy a fun coffee theme, stunning imagery, and of course winning! Click here to check it out now.  
If superheroes are more your thing, you’ll definitely want to play Captain Keno. There are mega jackpots and a superhero theme throughout, featuring, you guessed it, Captain Keno himself. Captain Keno plays like any other Keno game, but there’s also a ‘turbo’ feature for faster number releases and play time. Click here to play now.  
Play both games until 25th of October at Moon Games. Who knows, you might be surprised by which one actually comes out on top in your books.  
Whilst you’re enjoying our Keno Knockout, be sure to claim your FREE casino bonus! Add just £10 and use code WAVES on one login between the 23rd and 25th of October to claim your 30% FREE bonus. Click here to login and grab it today!  
See you at Moon Games! Have a great weekend!  

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