Interesting Facts About Online Casinos

Did you know that online casinos are internationally a $45 billion a year industry? While a lot of people play at online casinos, many would be surprised to know how the industry operates! There are quite a few things about online casinos that will probably amaze you.

Let’s read about the facts

  • The RNG is one of the most important piece of technology in the industry. The Random Number Generator is a program that generates random numbers. The list of numbers simply corresponds to the outcome in a casino game. The RNG goes through a thousand of numbers per millisecond. Imagine that incredible speed!


  • Most online casinos aren’t rigged. It’s true that a lot of people do not understand how online casino’s work. The common though is that, casinos manipulate the game behind the scenes in order to increase their profits. Most casinos work in a similar manner. But it doesn’t mean that all of them are rigged. Casinos have no control over who wins and who loses, it’s all about your luck.


  • Costs of running an online gambling website is low with secure servers and customer support. Secure servers ensure that the site is from any fraudulent activities, while a efficient customer support team will lead to more satisfied players. On the other hand, software development can cost very high.


  • Compared to land based casinos, online casinos do not require tangible material like machines and equipment. They also don’t need thousands of staffs to keep the place running, as most of the work is done by the RNG to determine the outcome of the games online.


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