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Free Promo Code from MoonGames!

May 06, 2013 | By Brooke Lawrence

Ah, Mondays. How we hate thee, let us count the ways. Lucky for us, we’re on Moon Games, which means even Mondays are something to moon over (yes, we can’t resist punning!)


As we’re sure all of our players are aware, it’s a Bank Holiday in the UK, which is another reason to LOVE this Monday – we’re all free (presumably) to do as we please. So why not spend this free day doing what you love….like playing hot casino, slot, instant win and scratch card games right here on the moon?


Here’s another reason to play all day on MoonGames.com: We’ve got a FREE bonus code for you to use. That’s right, earthlings, just use promo code BANK for a FREE 50% bonus on your next deposit. This offer is only good today, during the holiday…at midnight it turns back into a moonrock ☺


Now’s a good time to play some of your favourite slots and casino games, or try out some games you haven’t played before. Have you played our hot casino games like La Partage Roulette and Wheel of Light ? These two games have been a favourite amongst MoonGames players. Remember, you can organize all your favourite games on the My Games page. It makes finding and playing your favourite games easier. All you have to do is click on the star icon located on the bottom right hand corner of each game, and voila! Now you’ve got all your best games in one place.


Also, don’t forget, the more you play on Moon Games the more you get rewarded. Watch your Reward Booster fill up. Once it’s fully charged, you can click on it to claim your free promo code, free bonus game or cool gift. At Moon Games, there’s always a surprise waiting for you…because we’re like no other online casino on earth. Register at MoonGames.com today and see what all the carbon-based lifeforms are blabbing about!


Ryan barry

Love the site ant get enough of it .

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