First Slot Machines

The first term used for a slot machine in the UK was “Fruit Machine.” Another name for it was also the “One Arm Bandit” given that it had a lever to pull on in order to spin the reels. Yes, this is the first slot machine ever invented. So, how was the process? Continue reading…

Charles Fey!

The first mechanical slot machine ever invented was in 1895 by a man called Charles Fey. Fey was a mechanic born in San Francisco in 1862.   The first slot machine to ever exist was built by Charles Fey and had only three spinning reels and a lever.

The three reels had symbols like: diamond, spade and hearts and liberty bells painted around each reel of the machine. A spin that resulted in three Liberty Bell symbols offered the biggest payout. The grand total was 50c or 10 nickels.

Charles Fey then opened his own workshop in San Francisco, and every decade would release a newly modified or upgraded slot machine with better features. The Liberty Bell became a real piece of history, and can now be found in the “Liberty Belle Salon” and “Restaurant In Reno” which are both owned by Charles Fey’s grandchildren. Where they still preserve the legacy of slot machines.

Moon Games Slot Machines

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