Christina451 Won over £17K on Zuma Slots!

Moon Games just launched a few short weeks ago, and already it’s become one of the hottest new casino sites online. Case in point: Last night we had our first mega winner, and that was lucky Christina451, who won  a whopping £17,290 playing Zuma Slots!


Is it a coincidence that just two days ago Zuma Slots made our list of the top most popular slots games on MoonGames? We think not, earthlings…clearly this classic slot game is popular for a reason, as Chrisitna451 knows first hand!


Also, we’ve just gotten word of our first Las Vegas Trip winner….Congrats to Supermaca! Hope you enjoy your trip to Vegas (or wherever it is you choose to blast off to!☺)


Talk about an amazing week for MoonGames players. And the site has only been live less than a month!


We’ve got over 200 slots, instant win, casino and scratch card games here at Moon Games, so it’s no wonder we’re so popular (er, and modest, too!) Plus don’t forget all our out-of-this world bonuses – you get bonus chips just for playing on the site, recommending friends who become funded players, and following MoonGames on Facebook.


You also get a free spin on the Bonus Wheel for guaranteed bonuses of up to 1,000%, every time your account reaches a £100 milestone. Finally, don’t forget the Moon Games Reward Booster – the more you play, the faster the booster fills up, and once it’s full you get treated to free bonus chips, promo codes, and exclusive bonus games.


It’s true, there’s a lot to love here at Moon Games. Why not explore for yourself? Sign up now and you could be our next “Vegas tripper” or instant and slot game winner. Here on MoonGames, anything and everything is possible!

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