Best Airports To Be At If You’re A Punter

An airport, is the place where people experience the most joy or sorrow. It can be a roller-coaster of emotions for most people, but some choose to distract themselves by partaking in some casino gaming. Yes, some airports have been reported to have casinos in them. If you’re a punter, you’ll make sure to hit the machines once you’ve landed. What are these airports? Let’s take a look!

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Not only is Amsterdam one of the most liberal places in the world, it is also a massive transfer point to a wide range of destinations across the globe. If you’ve ever flown to the US or Europe, there’s a high chance you might have ended up there. As a punter, you might like to wind the clock down in the Holland Casino within the airport. Play bingo, roulette, poker, Punto Banco and slots to make the waiting easier.

Heathrow, London

Heathrow is the largest airport in the UK. It might not have an onsite casino like in Amsterdam, but you will find slot and fruit machines present all over the casino. Travellers get to play at these machines which are tax free. There are also mobile casino’s, where a dealer will travel to you even if you’re staying at an airport hotel.

As a punter, you will always feel welcomed at these airports. There’s no need to stress about waiting for your flights, simply head over to one of your favourite casino games and let the time fly!