A Guide To The Types Of Wild Symbols

Since the days when people used to play on mechanical slot machines, wild symbols have been part of the game. And today on almost every online video slot developed, you would most probably come across at least one form of Wild card. These Wilds have evolved from being just the simple substituting symbols to form winning combos. Today they are advanced and entertaining part of many games, and these different types of Wilds can increase your winning potentials more than ever.

All You Need to Know About Wild Symbols

All wild symbols are known for replacing all symbols except the scatter (bonus) symbols. There is a particular reason as to why Wild symbols cannot replace any scatter symbols. Wild usually appear quite often on the reels, and if they were allowed to replace scatters, it would simply mean that the bonus round would be triggered way too often and create an imbalance. However today you have a few slots where wilds even replace bonus symbols.

Discovering the Wild Symbols

Normal Wilds

On almost every slot that you play today, you will find this common substituting symbol replacing all the regular symbols to intensification the number of line wins on the reels. Most of the time, the Wild symbol is the highest paying symbol as per the paytable.

Wilds on Specific Reel

Some slot games have unique wilds that appear on specific reels only. In these game, you cannot form winning combos just with Wild symbols. The most common configuration includes Wilds appearing on reels 3, 4 and 5, or Wilds landing on the middle three reels.

Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds occur generally during Bonus Round features rather than the normal gameplay. This means that when a wild appear on the reel, it will expand on cover the entire 3 or more positions of that specific reel. Expanding Wilds can appear on specific reels as well.

Stacked Wilds

Numerous slots have matching wild symbols coming on top of each other on the reels as a strip. This mean that there is a high probability that the entire reel gets covered with the Stacked Wilds to boost your winning chances. And if you end up with more than 1 stacked reels, it can get quite lucrative for you.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wild are wild symbols that are held into the position where they land. If you are awarded a sticky wild during the free spins feature or a re-spin, they can turn out to be quite advantageous for you, as they remain active until all spins are played.

Roaming/Shifting Wilds

This type of Wild symbol can shift from one reel to another on each spin and this increases your chances of getting winning combos.

Multiplier Wild

All Multiplier Wilds have a specific multiplier value attached to them. And if a Multiplier Wild contributes to form a winning combo, it will multiply your winnings by the value of the multiplier.

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